Mindfulness & EMDR Treatment Template for Agencies

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MET(T)A is a new and innovative way to envision and implement Addictions treatment that is grounded in the well researched 30 year old theory and practice of EMDR therapy. This approach leans heavily upon the incredible work of those who have explored the use of EMDR therapy with PTSD, addictions and a whole host of issues, and upon the obvious and deep need for trauma resolution to be a focus of sustainable long term recovery.

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Presenting at the 2016 EMDRIA International Conference

  • Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, MN (map)
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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 - 11:00AM
Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis, MN


My vision was a new template for addictions treatment centers that honors the current wisdom and growing evidence that unprocessed trauma plays a major role in relapse. That vision is unfolding at Refuge Recovery Centers, a Buddhist mindfulness based treatment center, where as Clinical Director I am training all clinicians and trainees in EMDR therapy and running the agency activity through the 8 phase protocol.

Grounded in the 8 Phase Protocol of Dr. Shapiro, my presentation will cover the history of addictions treatment, the basis for mindfulness as a central aspect of treatment, and the already developed foundations and strategies related to EMDR therapy for addictions. I will address the theory, practice and initial research into how mindfulness and EMDR therapy as a theoretical orientation can guide successful agency based treatment of addictions, and perhaps other disorders as well.

If you cannot get to Minneapolis for the conference, you can attend online, with one of the available live stream presentations being my talk on Mindfulness and the 8 Phase Protocol (of EMDR) as a Template for Addictions Treatment.  You can use this link to sign up for the online conference. If you are not available to watch it when I am being live-streamed, you will have 3-weeks to view the workshop and any other workshops you miss the day of the conference.

My presentation at this conference addresses a number of issues and contains several levels that I continue to think about and work through... I am writing blog posts to break down the presentation into its component parts and to bring to the surface the issues and thinking that brought me to this place... Please feel free to visit the series by clicking here or on the individual links below:

PART ONE: My Presence At The EMDRIA Conference and... Addiction
PART TWO: My Presence At The EMDRIA Conference and... Treatment Centers
PART THREE: My Presentation at the EMDRIA Conference and... Mindfulness and EMDR
PART FOUR: My Presentation at the EMDRIA Conference and... The Implementation of the Model at Refuge Recovery Centers
PART FIVE: My Presentation at the EMDRIA Conference and... The Road Forward
PART SIX: My Presentation at the EMDRIA Conference and... A New Framework for Treatment and Treatment Centers

For my abstract summary and full abstract of my presentation, please feel free to download: